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Judicial portrait artist

Judicial Portrait Paintings

Quindry creates judicial portrait paintings using techniques inspired by those used by Renaissance artists.

Rich takes all the photographs that form the basis for his paintings. That way, he can be assured that he has the quality of lighting that he wants in the final piece. The portrait sittings typically take about an hour, and Rich takes about a hundred images.

Proofs are then posted to a private website, where an image can be chosen as a basis for the judicial portrait. This allows the choice of an expression that portrays them as they want to be remembered. Using a graphics tablet and the chosen image as a guide, Rich transforms the selected image through dozens of stages and countless brushstrokes into a digital painting that is a highly detailed likeness of his subjects. Because photos are their source, they capture nuanced body language, lighting, and details that few artists can portray.

Contact Rich for pricing and availability. He’s happy to provide references.