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Judicial portrait, Judges portrait, judicial paintings

Judicial portraits by Richard Quindry

Richard Quindry creates judicial portraits in the classic style of the renaissance masters.

Over twenty of his judicial portraits now grace the walls of courthouses and municipal buildings in eastern Pennsylvania.

Quindry has modernized and accelerated the techniques some of the greatest Renaissance painters used to achieve their amazing results. He only requires about a one-hour sitting while he takes numerous photos of his subjects to be used as references for the painting. He then posts proofs of these photos for the judge to decide which one most closely captures the demeanor they want to have portrayed. From then on, the judges do not see the painting until the unveiling ceremony. However, Rich emails images of the paintings to their spouse or the court administrator for review, feedback, and final approval before final delivery.

Call him during business hours to discuss your project.

Rich is happy to provide references.

Contact Rich if you want a portrait that looks like a master painted it. He will happily provide a free estimate when he understands your needs.